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60 unique cards and instructions in a custom tuck box. The perfect gift for your liberal friends and republican frenemies.  

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Trump Cardz is a hilarious party game that will leave you in tears. This card game contains 60 unique, professionally printed cards. It's easy to learn, strategic, and fun. Some cards (not pictured here) are crude and so this game is intended for mature audiences with a sense of humor.

How to play



There are four types of cards: Attack (red), Defense (green), Power-Up (yellow), and Goal (blue). The first player to collect 4 Goal Cards, wins. (Optionally, you can adjust this to 3 or 5).

Set Up

Players are dealt 6 cards each: 3 face-down (only you can look at these) and 3 face-up. The remaining cards are placed face-down in the center. Whoever hates Trump most, starts.


Play any of your 6 cards by placing it face-up in the center of the table (unless the card description states that it is used in a different way). Follow the actions of that card. For example, if it says you may steal a card from any one player, then pick a player and take one of their cards.

To complete your turn, draw a card from the pile in the center so that you always have 6 cards, 3 of which are face-up. If another player was impacted during your turn (for example if one of their cards was stolen), they must also draw a new card from the center so that they have a total of 6.

Your turn is now over, and the next player goes.

Note: Some card descriptions will have you do things differently. Follow the instructions on the card.

Our story and mission


Our mission is to (1) deliver a hilarious and fun party game, and (2) raise awareness of social and political issues.

Like Trump, this started as a joke, then became a crude reality (while remaining a joke). We don't support what Trump says/does and we wanted to make fun of him in a hilarious and enjoyable way. So we designed a high-quality, professionally printed, boxed game.

In addition to being fun, the game is informative: Every card is based on a historical event from the Trump Administration, which is to say a blend of facts and alternative facts. The game is designed to spark conversation and awareness about the crazy political state, in a simple and fun way.

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